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A B O U T | Heavenly Anointed Hair

Kiriko is a sunny, southern California girl at heart. She and her hubby Terrance share their home with son Jayden, and daughters Taraji and Melaysia! As you can imagine, Casa de Stevenson is a busy house! Kiriko is the calm and steady of her home, as well as Heavenly Anointed Hair, and not only owns the salon but styles here, too. She is the first person you will want to speak to when asking questions about keeping your hair healthy - your point person, no matter what type of hair you have. Kiriko’s background behind a chair along with her drive for business keeps us all in line and ensures the salon runs beautifully. She has built a reputation of excellence based on fabulous customer service. She’s thoughtful, and always at the top of her game.

A Note from our founder

I have always been passionate about hair, going back to when I was a little girl of 7 years. From this young age I came to realize that hair is a part of my calling. I have also always had an ambition and drive for business! This love for business and hair continued into adulthood and, now, into my career as both stylist, and owner of Heavenly Anointed Hair. I have an obsession with healthy hair - oh, and the unique hair-care challenges faced by women of all ethnicities and with all hair types. 

It is my deepest desire that for you, Heavenly Anointed Hair will become synonymous with unique, beautiful, healthy hair. My mind is always thinking of ways to include hair health into our products, services, and treatments, in a luxurious way. There’s just something about starting from scratch and seeing a vision come to life. It’s one of the best feelings to be a part of my clients’ lives, seeing the happiness created on their faces and all around them. I am over the moon when I think about sharing my ideas and products with all of you.

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